iPrima Media is an O2O Digital Marketing Agency over 8 years of experience. Our clients including SMEs, MNC and also MLM team and we provide Digital Marketing Fundamental Training to achieve their goal.
How to Use Facebook Ads Expande your MLM Business and Achieve 10x Result (Without Using Traditional Way of Marketing)
Using Advance Marketing Way to Lead Your Team Now
Is You Team Facing These Issue When Running Facebook Ads?

1. No Idea How to Run Facebook Ads
2. Starting to Run Facebook Ads but Most of The Leads Are not Qualities
3. Cannot Using Facebook To Get New Leads
4. Every Time When You Had Facebook Ads Error but No One to Help?

No Problem, We Can Solve These Problem!!!

Our Consultant


Digital Marketing Trainer from IPrima Media

  • More Than 5 Years Experience in Digital Marketing, Focusing on Facebook Ads and Branding
  • ​Help more than 1,000++ SMEs, MLM, Agents to Build Their Brand Online
  • ​Hand-ons More Than 1,000++ Customer's Facebook Ads, Total Ads Spent in Facebook RM 561,867
  • ​Successfully Help Clients Achieve 7 Sales Figure 
  • ​HRDF Trainer 

Mao Shun Not Always Had Training with Team, He Always Focusing on Executing and Planning. Due to High Demand, Mao Shun Are Opening This Class For Team Leader whoever Want To Acheive Another Level.

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4 Days Facebook Ads Training for Your Team

Equip Your Team with Digital Marketing Knowledge, Through Digital Marketing to Breakthrough Another Sales Result.

How This 4 Days Facebook Ads Training Are Helping Your Team to Growth?

Day 1: Equip Your Team with Digital Marketing Strategist, Online Sales Tactics and Recruitment Event. 

Day2: Learn How to Run Effective Facebook Ads (Selling Your Products, Services and Recruiment)

Day3: Facebook Is Banning MLM Ads But We Will Teach You How To Hack This and Run Your Products / Do Recruitment Through Facebook Ads (Amwxy, Herbalifx, Nu Skxn can Attend This Class As Well)

Day4: Learn How to Focus Your Team Resources without Competing Each Others.
Not Sure How Can This Course Help You...
Listen What Our Students Saying..
Previously I wasn't Believe Facebook Ads can help me to profit my business, but after I join this training, I had learn a full landscape about Facebook Marketing, and i'm able to run ads by myself. After I implement Mao Shun's advise and tactics, I successfully bring my team be Top Seller Group in 30 days. Thank You iPrima Media and Mao Shun for getting this result.
MLM Team Leader
Jess Tan
I had spent over thousand dollar for a few leads, what even worst is all these leads are not potential customers and just asking some information, wasted a lot of my time. After I join this training, Mao Shun help me to find out what is the problem and advise me how i can change my marketing strategy. I executed these strategy in this training, I spent RM100 on Facebook Ads and successfully sold 2 property and get me RM 40,000 Commision!
Property Agent
Warren Cheng
Previously I was though that everything need to do by myself when I just startup my business, and it costs me a lot of my time on selling my products and doing recruitment, and I'm not able to train my team, and my team are not working together and no team spirits. After my friend told me that iPrima Media providing me a training that how to sell my products online and do recruitment online effectively, I went to the course. I wasn't believe that previosuly but after Mao Shun teaching me I finally can using Digital Marketing to do recruitment online and sell my products online now! And I had more time to leading my team!
MLM Executive Director
Ms. Chua
My Restaurant Business sales was keep dropping recently, and only got repeat customer and no new customer stepping into our shop. I had see restaurant are getting worst and me and my wife are very headache and non stopping to promote our restaurant.   

We had try a lot but still failed, until that day I saw someone share this on iPrima Media training program and I register this and see how can help my business. After training and I follow Mao Shun way to execute, I had successfully get a lot of new customer to our shop now, busy everyday!
Restaurant Owner
Mr Lim 
我是一名家庭主妇,我觉得人一辈子很短,不应该安于现状,于是和老公讨论之后便决定自己创业。我投资了大约RM 50,000从韩国进口化妆品,很有信心我能在短时间内把所有货都卖出去。然而,虽然我千方百计地推销我的产品,也在各种网络平台展示了我的产品,但是3个月的业绩只有少得可怜的RM 2000。看到这个情况我很担心产品变质了都卖不出去,好想放弃。后来在朋友的推荐下,我参加了Iprima Media 的培训,便和Mao Shun分享我的经历。Mao Shun便帮我重新打造我的营销策略,一步一步地教导我如何操作Facebook广告。现在,我的产品成为了红遍社交媒体的爆款产品,每月业绩达到了 RM 60,000以上!
House wife 
Susan Tee
一年前我因为公司倒闭而失业了,于是便决定创业,成为freelance室内设计师。我每天挨家挨户地找project做,总是忙到凌晨2点才能休息。这种生活方式很累,并让我突然想到有没有方法可以让顾客自己找我做project。后来听见一位前辈说他使用数码营销为自己找到了长期合作的顾客,每个月业绩可以达到5位数以上。听了他的话我便上网搜寻关于数码营销的资讯,发现到Iprima Media的培训有很多好评,于是毫不犹豫地报名了。Mao Shun 很有耐心地替我解释和分析策略,在他的帮助下我透过Facebook 广告宣传了我的服务,已有5位新顾客自动PM我,其中一位给我的project为我创造了RM 10,000的月收入!
Interior Designer
Andy Wong
These Are Our Students and Through Our Course They Achieve What They Want!

If You Want To Improve Your Team, Welcome!

Besides This 4 Day Course, We also Provide Your Team With...


Weekly Q&A Section

Mao Shun with be doing Weekly Q&A Through Online, When You Having any Question You Can Asking Him Personally! This Section is improtant because a lot of team didn't execute or give up because they are not allowed to ask their teacher, so we take this section VERY SERIOUSLY. We will have Zoom Meeting to discuss Case Studies, also solving your problem. 


Special Team Training

Mao Shun had training a lot of MLM, Direct Selling, Beauty Prodcts and Property team. Team Training can help Team Leader no need to stress too much to solve these problem, all can pass to us!

And Through Special Team Training, Our Teacher will proving some new strategy and discussing new marking problem with team and how to solve this. This section also can help Team Leader doesn't need to worry about new marketing way because of helping from us.


Ready Template & E-Book (Value RM997)

We Spent a lot of time for buying books and study new course, and Mao Shun willing to share all these E Book and course content to his students, and student's doesn't need to spent 5 figure to the same course but can learn the same things from Mao Shun.

Hence, you are saving a lot of money for all the course, or Mao Shun had this and can give it for you for FREE!
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